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Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 3

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Day 3’s challenge is to post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

#1. The first fic I have to rec is Juno’s Resilience of Hope, because this is the fic that really inspired me to write again. It’s a Kirk/Spock Star Trek fic, epic in length and still a WIP. Juno had invited her friends to contribute a self-insert secondary/background character to use in the fic. So I gave her Len Amell (borrowing elements of my Second Life persona) and insisted that I must be Scotty’s girlfriend (I’ve had a crush on Scotty for a very long time 😀 ). But apparently Len wasn’t content to be a minor background character and I ended up writing a backstory of how she came to be on the Enterprise and now I’m writing a chapter-by-chapter tie-in to Juno’s story, from Len’s POV. It’s a very rich, detailed universe here, so it was easy to fit Len into it on my side. There are many other fantastic secondary characters in the story (it’s the treatment of secondary characters that really wins me over to a story) besides the development of the main characters. Plus, there are lots of awesome crossovers to other fandoms and many Easter Eggs. Hee!

#2. An Unexpected Victorian Holiday, by Kelkat9. This is a Doctor Who TenII/Rose (and Jackie) fic, where they discover the Doctor was over a century off when he dropped them back in Pete’s World. Really wonderful writing, awesome details of Victorian life, lots of fun to read (I’ve read it twice.) And there is a sequel, Propriety, Murder and Time Travel.

#3. A Bed of Thorns, by Nym. This is a Once Upon a Time Belle/Rumpelstiltskin fic. More wonderful writing, so much detail. Fabulous secondary characters (Wren!). It’s a very long story (currently at 112 chapters) but worth every word. Sadly I’ve fallen behind on reading, because writing Trek has taken over my brain, but this is the first story that’s going to get opened when I’m able to read fics again.


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