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What have I done?

Well, apparently we’re doing this “jump back into Fandom” thing as more of a “high altitude plummet into Fandom”, because I’ve signed up for another challenge (thanks to my Evil Shoulder Angel).

I’m doing Trope Bingo.

curtainfic character in distress bodyswap role reversal telepathy / mindmeld
au: mundane reunion twenty-four hours to live slavefic language and translation
au: space soul bonding / soulmates FREE
au: college / highschool indecent proposal
forbidden fruit food porn mind control deathfic road trip
presumed dead handcuffed / bound together trapped in a dream poor communication skills rites of passage / coming of age


Definitions for the tropes are found at the Trope Bingo site.

No idea what fandoms I’ll write yet. I may  do a mix and try some that I haven’t written or posted before. Or it may end up all Star Trek Scotty/OFC. 😀


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