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Nice Things Meme

Juno guilted convinced me to do this meme:

Hey, once you get this, say five nice things about yourself, and then pass it on to ten of your followers.


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Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 1

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 1 is to rec three of your own works.

#1. Hope for Tomorrow (website|AO3) is my Star Trek fic, which is the backstory for a second story, Lower Decks (website|AO3). These are tie-ins to JunoMagic’s Kirk/Spock story, Resilience of Hope. The stories are Scotty/shameless Mary Sue self-insert OFC. Hope for Tomorrow is Len Amell’s backstory and Lower Decks is a chapter-by-chapter alternate POV to Juno’s story. I’m having so much fun writing this with Juno–it’s been way too long since I’ve been able to have fun with writing like this.

#2. Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts is a  drabble I wrote from the POV of Green Lantern Dkrtzy RRR (a sentient mathematical progression). The drabble is written in the form of a Fibonacci Sequence (first line is 1 word, second is 1 word, third is 3 words, fourth is 5 words, etc.). I love the “odd” GLs (Dkrtzy RRR, Leezle Pon, Mogo), and the added limitations on the drabble were a fun challenge.

#3. From Buckland With Love is the first short story I wrote for my Epic Hobbit Soap Opera. It features Ivy’s younger brother, Theo, in a sort of hobbit spy caper. I adore Theo, he quickly became one of my favorite characters, and this was a blast to write. This story never got much love, which disappointed me, so I’m reccing it.

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Still Alive

Hey, long time, no see…  >_>

I had to take a break from Fandom–there were some things  that kind of ‘destroyed the joy’ for me and I needed to step away. So I wandered the Earth, having adventures…well, not really Earth, more like Thedas,  Tamriel,  a few Mass Effect relays, a brief career as a test subject at Aperture Labs, and I own way too much property in a Steampunk sim in Second Life. Then Juno tempted me back into writing with Star Trek fic.

I hadn’t finished or posted any fic in four years(!!). I just started to really write again in the past year or so (a few pokes at The Wanderers (LOTR), plus some dabbling in Dragon Age, Doctor Who, and Once Upon a Time), but the Trek fic is the first thing I’ve actually finished and posted since December 2009.

Juno pointed this challenge out to me, so I figured it would be a good way to get back into Fandomy things:

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner


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2009 Fic Roundup!

A round-up of my fic for 2009.

All of these are Hal/Kyle, except for Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts, which is from the POV of Dkrtzy RRR. 😀
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Well, I have a WordPress blog going at http://aranel-took.fancrone.net now. The crossposting plug-in [info]juno_magic pointed me to works great! As you may have noticed earlier, it allows me to spam all of my journals at LiveJournal, Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal all at the same time. Which will make posting stories so much easier! Just have to do it once!

Now I just have to finish some stories… 😉

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The New Site!

I’ve done some housecleaning on my domains. This is now a central site to links to all of my fanfic is all fandoms. My Lord of the Rings Fanfiction Site has moved to a database driven site at http://ivyverse.fancrone.net. It’s still a Work In Progress, as far as getting the stories into the database, but the site is up and running.

My DC Comics Fanfiction is still at Sector 2814.

This blog is also a Work in Progress, as I figure out themes and plug-ins. I will attempt to crosspost to my LiveJournal and Dreamwidth journals from here.

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