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Merciful Advice

Title: Merciful Advice
Author: Aranel Took
Fandom: DC Comics: Green Lantern
Challenge/Prompt: [info]dcu_freeforall : mixing work and pleasure
Claim: Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner
Characters: Hal Jordan (The Spectre), Sister Clarice (The Radiant)
Rating: G
Words: 685
Summary: After initially telling him they wouldn’t see each other again, why did the The Spectre help Kyle so much?
Author’s Notes: Probably a bit of a stretch as far as the prompt is concerned, but this is what the Muses handed me. 😉 This is set some time after Green Lantern #119, after Hal becomes The Spectre and has his (supposedly) last meeting with Kyle. I don’t remember if an actual date of death was given for Sister Clarice, so I’m using poetic license to set it around this time frame. Many thanks to my beta reader, [info]juno_magic!

August 4, 2009   No Comments